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Hello. My name is Gary Beebe, I'm a software engineer and web developer, and this is my homepage. Here you will find a number of things ranging from games that I've written, blog posts about games that I'm working on, art work for other sites or businesses such as logos, and links to sites that I have designed. In other words, this site basically serves as my personal portfolio as well as a place for me to show off.

Thank you for stopping in, enjoy, and God bless.


Snake is the first of my Game Development Discipline series.  It's simple enough to play, at the beginning press 1 or 2 for 1 or 2 players. Player 1 (blue snake) uses the arrow keys, player 2 (yellow snake) uses the WASD keys. For single player you just try to beat your own high score. The goal of 2 player is to win the best of 5 games (no score is kept). Just like classic Snake, red apples makes you grow, but here there are also green apples that make you shrink, as well. My son, age 7, loves playing 2 player against me.


Click her to play Snake

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